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Strength for the Future
from Tradition and Experience

As far back as we are able to see, tradition,with its objectives and responsibilities, has had a guiding influence on the life of the Schlobach Family. The first of May 1996 represented a milestone in the history of the family and its enterprises - a signpost with the inscription "150 Years Of Schlobach Veneer".

The Schlobachs have been concerned with wood as far back as their history can be traced. The first reference mentions a certain Hanns Schlobach who, around the year 1575, was a pitchmaker, and who, according to the chronicle, paid an annual tax of five floor-boards to the authorities in Liebenwerda, Germany.

Wood and Energy - in the form of water power in those days - were joined together to lay the foundation of the saw- and veneer mills yet to come.

In 1846, at the age of 22, Carl Wilhelm Franz Schlobach changed from milling wheat to sawing veneer from logs at the Thomas Mill in Leipzig. After a short time water power was no longer a sufficient source of energy. The enterprise was moved outside the city gates to Boehlitz-Ehrenberg. That was the beginning of the veneer industry in Saxony, and the starting point for a company with owners who were soon active throughout the world running veneer-, lumber-, plywood- and office furniture factories.

Around the occasion of the 50th anniversary celebration in 1896 Domino Mahogany was already acquired from Africa. Carl Wilhelm Franz Schlobach was made Royal Counsellor of Commerce in Saxony.

Shortly thereafter the sons, Curt, Walter and Georg Schlobach entered their fathers firm. Under their leadership the company was expanded to become one of the the most important in its field, having numerous branches and timber concessions in several continents. 1920 the veneer mill in the port of Hamburg was build to handle logs shipped from Africa.

In 1921 there was a splendid 75th anniversary jubilee, and, by the end of the twenties production was increased to exceed 33,840,00 Bd.Ft. worldwide.

The third generation, Georg's son Franz Henning Schlobach was entrusted in 1934 with the direction of the veneer mill in Hamburg - Wilhelmburg. The 100th anniversary fell in the year 1946 - a time of great tribulation. The labour of several generations was destroyed. Five veneer and sawmills, among them the parent company in Leipzig - were expropriated in Eastern Germany, and the company in Hamburg was completely destroyed by bombs in 1944. A hard fate.

Out of the ruins in Hamburg Franz-Henning Schlobach and then the 4th generation lead by Hans-Peter and Christian Schlobach did not wait long to rebuild the mill and then started Schlobach Gebr. in Hamburg, specializing in the custom cutting-, importing- and marketing of veneer. Hans- Peter Schlobach carried the company 1962 to the United States. Crown Hardwood Co. Inc. was started to supply logs for Hamburg and export to customers all over the world. In 1980 Crown Veneer Corp. opened its doors to supply the US architectural market with veneer from all over the world. With son Stephan Schlobach the 5th generation took over the helm and the log- and veneer companies are now dealing around the globe, changing with globalization, striving to be a key player in our trade so the upcoming 6th generation can be part of the 175 year celebration of the Schlobach tradition.

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